A list of presentations about the Honoring Veterans National Collaborative Project.
  1. Tues., March 24, 2009 - WEMTA 2009 - Producing Powerful Podcasts for Community Service / Description: In 2008, seventh graders at Lake Shore Middle School in Mequon produced podcasts about veteran memorials in Ozaukee County. The concept arose from discussions about Veterans Day. Staff members wanted to help students appreciate the sacrifices of local veterans. Twelve veteran memorials became the focus of the project. Students assumed various roles: project managers, researchers, photographers, script writers, narrators, and podcast engineers. This was the second podcast project produced by Lake Shore students. In 2007, eighth graders developed a podcasts for the Milwaukee Public Museum. These podcasts tell the story of Kasumi Tsukuba, a beautiful Japanese Friendship Doll from 1927.
  2. Fri., April 24, 2009 - Tech Forum-Midwest 2009 - EduPodcasting / Description: Come explore the world of podcasting, from listening to creating, and everything in between. You will hear examples of podcasts by students and educators, learn how they were created, and get tips from three experts about the ins and outs of podcasting for educational purposes. Find out how other educators are using podcasting to make learning come alive and discover how students, teachers and administrators in your school or school district can do the same.
  3. Wed., July 1, 2009 - NECC 2009 - Informal Session-Poster - Producing Powerful Podcasts for Community Service / Description: Discover engaging stories in your community that students can retell as podcasts. We'll examine two projects: Honoring Veterans and Kasumi Tsukuba-a 1927 Japanese Friendship Doll.
  4. Tues., Dec 4, 2012 - SLATE 2012 - Middle School Micro Session and a display of the Ozaukee County Veterans/War Memorial scale model built by eighth grade Tech Ed students from Lake Shore Middle School in Mequon.