This is a page from Dick Diener's ITC Portfolio. It describes two podcast projects in detail - including Honoring Veterans: Ozaukee County which is a podcast project shared at the Library of Congress in June 2009 as a model project for 21st Century Learning.

Podcasting for Community Service
This is a summary of my field experience (Practicum-CEd 599) for certification as an Instructional Technology Coordinator. Evidence of completion is briefly described below and artifacts are available at the bottom of the page. My practicum deals with two special digital media projects created by students. These two projects have a common thread of Podcasting for Community Service.

Messenger of Friendship: The Adventures of Miss Kasumi Tsukuba
Miss Kasumi Tsukuba (a.k.a. Miss Ibaraki) is a Japanese Friendship Doll who was made in 1927 representing Ibaraki Prefecture as a gift to the Milwaukee Public Museum. I worked with the students of Ethel Stern, who taught eighth grade social studies and ELA, to produce a series of podcasts for the Milwaukee Public Museum.

To help students with their research, I prepared a list of websites that tell the story of the American Blue-eyed Dolls (early 1927) and the Japanese Friendship Dolls (November 1927). When I realized that there was no information about Japanese Friendship Dolls on Wikipedia, I created two articles (October 2006): American Blue-eyed Dolls and Japanese Friendship Dolls. Today, the contents of both pages are contained with the Japanese Friendship Doll article.

Milwaukee Public Museum produced an online exhibit: Messenger of Friendship: The Adventures of Miss Kasumi Tsukuba. The published podcast series is at [].

Honoring Veterans: Ozaukee County
From the experience and success of the Japanese Friendship Doll podcast series, I decided to lead the production of a digital media project for an entire grade level. With the support and assistance of the 7th grade staff –especially Teacher Linda Krajcik– we produced a podcast series to honor the veterans of Ozaukee County by researching and retelling stories about the twelve veteran memorials in our county. This project is known as Honoring Veterans: Ozaukee County. Here is a timeline of activities from Fall 2007 through Summer 2009:
  • Fall 2007: Principal Carrie Wilson asked several teachers to brainstorm about a way to help students understand the sacrifices that veterans have done for our country.
  • School Year 2007-08: With the support and help of classroom and special ed teachers, the podcasts were produced during informal “Mini ELA” periods that are often used for sustained silent reading. The project was designed to support social studies, ELA, and digital media curriculum goals. A storyboard is included with this summary. The inspiration for the storyboard was from the Rowdy Racing News podcast. The storyboard was produced by Susan Gattoni with my input.
  • Spring 2008: The project was completed in time for Memorial Day 2008. The supporting website and podcast series is available at [].
  • December 1, 2008: An article I had written for Tech Learning’s Educators’ eZine was published. The article is titled, “Honoring Veterans: A Community Service Podcast Series.” It is available online at [].
  • December 2008: The Messenger of Friendship and the Honoring Veterans projects were both recognized with awards from the National Middle School Association.
  • March 13, 2009: I appeared as a guest on the Rowdy Podcast. “Meet the Nation,” discussing the storyboard for the Honoring Veterans project.
  • March 18, 2009: The Honoring Veterans project won first place in the Web Page Design portion from the Wisconsin Educational Media & Technology Association (WEMTA).
  • March 24, 2009: I made a presentation (Producing Powerful Podcasts for Community Service) at WEMTA along with Susan Gattoni, Middle School Reading Specialist and Linda Krajcik, 7th Grade Social Studies Teacher.
  • April 17, 2009: My family and I visited The Highground: Veterans Memorial Park - just west of Neilsville, Wisconsin.
  • April 24, 2009: I participated in a panel discussion/presentation at Tech Learning’s Midwest Tech Forum. The panel discussion topic was “EduPodcasting” and my presentation was titled, “Producing Powerful Podcasts for Community Service.” The Conference Vault is still available online at [].
  • Spring 2009: I shared these podcasts at five locations throughout Ozaukee County:
    • May 18: USS Liberty Memorial Library, Grafton
    • May 19: WJ Niederkorn Library, Port Washington
    • May 26: Our Savior Lutheran Church & School, Grafton
    • May 28: Oscar Grady Library, Saukville
    • June 9: Frank L Weyenberg Library, Mequon
  • Spring 2009: I worked with Matt Heuser, Middle School Tech Ed Teacher, and his students to produce a scale model of theOzaukee County Veterans Memorial.
  • **ISTE 2009** in Washington DC
    • June 28, 2009: The podcasts and scale model were on display at the opening reception.
    • June 30, 2009: The podcasts and scale model were on display at the Library of Congress.
    • July 1, 2009: The podcasts and scale model were on display for a poster session at the conference.
  • Ongoing: It is my hope that this project will inspire other teachers (K-12) to produce web-based content that honors our nation’s veterans. I launched the website, Honoring Veterans: A National Collaborative Project [] to support this endeavor.

Artifacts for Practicum
Please visit Dick's Portfolio for the handouts described below:
  • Promotional Flyer - Honoring Veterans Presentations (Spring 2009)
  • Storyboard - Honoring Veterans Podcast Series (Spring 2008)
  • Library of Congress - Handout for the 21st Century Learning with Technology 'Honoring Veterans' Display (June 30, 2009)
  • Library of Congress - Invitation to the 21st Century Learning with Technology Student Showcase (June 30, 2009)