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Introduction: The Flag

  • Think about familiar landmarks in your community. Start at
  • Is there a positive story that students could learn and retell about these landmarks?
  • Allow the students to generate questions they would need to answer to learn about the landmarks.
  • Let the questions guide the research
  • Tell the story. Using their research, students should formulate their story of the landmarks.
  • Put this story into the context of community service (i.e. students telling the positive story of other people).

Integration: Social Studies (notes)
  • Local standards
  • State standards
  • National standards

Integration: English Language Arts (notes)
  • Reading: research
  • Writing: storytelling
  • Oral communication: audio portion of podcast

A Compelling Story (from local to national)

  • The outline of the original veterans podcast project storyboard came from a daily podcast: Rowdy Racing News.

Revised: March 6, 2009