Honoring Veterans: A National Collaborative Project for Students and Teachers

Enjoy our latest video! ~ November 9, 2012 Dedication of the Stars-and-Stripes Honor Flight Wisconsin Pillar in Port Washington, WisconsinExplore a unit about courage ~ Compare and contrast three front-line solders: one came home, one didn't, and one played soccer with the enemyHonor your local veterans on YouTube - See the Teacher Tribute/Educators Road Rally for Veterans page for a sample video and a sample handout.
This is a national collaborative project that connects veterans with students. It is intended as a community service project to help students and teachers express their thanks and appreciation for the sacrifices that veterans have made on our behalf. We live in a country that cherishes the freedoms guaranteed by the US Constitution. We should never take those freedoms for granted. As such, it is our obligation as adults to teach these truths to the next generation.
Valentine's Day in Afghanistan

The guidelines for participation in the Honoring Veterans: A National Collaborative Project are simple. Students and teachers are asked to produce a community service project about veterans within their community. The project should then be shared online. When complete and fully functional, a link to the project should be shared at this website.

During the 2007-08 school year, seventh grade students at Lake Shore Middle School in Mequon, Wisconsin produced a series of enhanced podcasts about twelve Veteran Memorials in Ozaukee County. The goals for the project were:
  • produce a series of podcasts to honor the sacrifices made by veterans,
  • gain a greater understanding of our country's involvement in various wars and conflicts,
  • work in collaborative teams to successfully complete the project, and
  • use new technologies to communicate the message.
Today (January 2009) we add a fifth goal: the Honoring Veterans - Ozaukee County podcast serves as a model for other schools who wish to participate in this national collaborative project. The Honoring Veterans - Ozaukee County podcast project is also available within the iTunes Podcast Directory. Click here to download (link is temporarily disabled) the podcast series in iTunes. A wikispaces site was used by the seventh grade staff at Lake Shore Middle School to coordinate this project. Click here to visit the site for help with your Honoring Veterans project. This is an article which describes, in detail, the Honoring Veterans - Ozaukee County podcast series. Use this article as a reference to understand how to manage a project such as this.

Honoring Veterans~Teachers Tribute - The video below was produced by Principal Arlan Galarowicz, Grade 7 Teacher Laura Rashid, and Technology Integrator Dick Diener for Veterans Day 2012. The video features:
  • the Ozaukee County Veterans Memorial
  • local US Military Grave Markers
  • the Oath of Enlistment and
  • a preview of the brand new World War 2 Wisconsin Pillar Memorial in Port Washington, Wisconsin.

Date revised: November 9, 2012
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